Spotted Hyena – Crocuta Crocuta

Spotted Hyena - Crocuta Crocuta


Southern White Rhinoceros – Ceratotherium Simum

 Southern White Rhinoceros - Ceratotherium Simum

Unlike a lot of the animals in Kruger, Rhinos had a particular significance to our local guide Sidnie. When we asked him about it he got quite upset and angry at those he called greedy and selfish.

In all truth this emotion was not built up over nothing. In South Africa, Rhino poaching has increased dramatically over the past couple of years with 203 killed this year, 146 in Kruger National Park alone.

While I won’t normally post things like this, it’s important that we all play a part in helping to conserve this awesome animal.

For more information and ways to help, Save The Rhino are a great place to start.